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Aimee Niedosik, September 2022

Our 8 year old English Labrador named Henry has been struggling with allergies, ear/yeast infections, ear hematoma's and itchy skin for the past 5 years - likely due to a bordetella vaccine and the rabies vaccine. Ever since then, we have seen our share of traditional and homeopathic doctor's with very little improvement. He's been on rounds of Apoquel, steroid injections, ear steroids, ear packing and much more -- and every time the medication would end, Henry would be worse than where we started.

Tired of watching Henry's health decline, we sought out an alternative solution and found Integrative Healing Veterinary Clinic. We started working with Dr. Theisen about 3 months ago to identify the root cause of his ear and skin issues. Within just 3 visits, Henry is happier, healthier and more peaceful. I don't doubt for a minute that with Dr. Theisen's guidance and expertise, that Henry will be fully restored and has the best years of his life ahead.

Carolyn Edson, September 2022

I am so impressed with Dr. Theisen and the thorough care that she provides. Even with an extremely full schedule, she does all that she can to fit patients in and help as many pets as possible. She has such genuine compassion and goes above and beyond to help and heal. I’m so thankful for her knowledge and her ability to provide both eastern and western medicine. Thanks for all you do, Dr. Theisen!

John Carraway, March 2021

Incredible veterinarian, compassionate with our babies and a well-rounded easy to talk to person!

Valerie & Conor Kaby, August 2020

Dr. Linnea Theisen, the owner of Integrative Healing Veterinary Clinic & Mobile Services, is a true professional and compassionate holistic veterinarian.
Our elderly dog, Goldie, whose regular vet treatment was limited to drugs for pain management, suffered with arthritis and bone spurs.
Then we found Dr. Linnea. She performed recurring treatments -- acupuncture, laser and chiropractic manipulation in addition to recommending dietary changes and homeopathic remedies. The results were astounding. Goldie became much more agile, noticeably more comfortable and happier. Her cloudy eyes regained that brilliant sparkle of youth. Goldie’s life was transformed and we believe extended by two years.  When it was time to say goodbye, Dr. Linnea kindly came to our home. And in very touching gesture, Dr. Linnea donated to American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation in remembrance. We are so thankful and give heaps of praise. Goldie loved Dr. Linnea for her kind heart, gentle touch, and superb skills and so do we.
We highly recommend Integrative Healing Veterinary Clinic & Mobile Services, it is THE 5 Star holistic veterinary service in Eastern NC.

Anne Savarese, August 2020

Dr. Theisen is amazing! She is gentle, compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable. She is a collaborative partner with you in providing excellent care for your pet. Our adopted dog, Bailey, benefitted greatly from her methodologies. I highly recommend her practice. We had to put Bailey to sleep on July 1, 2020. He was a senior dog when we adopted him, and he had many issues. Dr. Theisen was a wealth of information and she really helped Bailey with his arthritic back and his skin issues.  After he died, she made a donation in his memory to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation and sent a beautiful card and text. I will definitely return to her practice when we decide upon another pet.

Marie Wicks, July 2020

My dog is doing so much better. He looks forward to his appointments. Showers Dr with lots of doggie kisses. He is a large GSD with hip problems.

Lucianny Melendez, 2020 

Dr. Theisen is a real life angel. Her passion and compassion for her work and the beloved pets she treats is unmatched. My pup son Dexter (border collie) was diagnosed with cancer in September of 2018 and I was told that the prognosis was about 4-5weeks to live. I wanted to do the best I could for him and was referred to Dr. Theisen for help by the staff at Island Pet Vet.
While under the care of Dr. Theisen, my sweet Dexter was able to live longer than his prognosis, he loved every moment spent at her office and under her care. I cannot thank Dr. Theisen enough for extending his life and helping his last months be happy and full of life. We are forever grateful To have come across your kindness, compassion and love. 

Julie Taylor, Health and Healing Arts, 2019

Dr. Linnea Theisen is one of the most professional people that I have ever encountered. She not only gives loving care to my animals, she spends time each session teaching me about something related to my horse's health. She makes practical recommendations for how to care for my animals and explains why certain treatment plans are the best for my individual case. She spends an incredible amount of time providing care to each and every patient. Her quiet unassuming approach is very refreshing. I am so grateful that my animals are in her care when needed.

Judith Robinson, 2019

Dr. Linnea truly cares about her patients and pet parents. In my opinion, she has truly found her place in natural veterinary medicine. I have grown weary of conventional veterinary methods because I've felt that there is more than commercial pet foods, drugs, and surgeries for keeping our pets healthy. She is wonderful at keeping her pet parents informed in layman's terms that are easy to understand. Dr. Theisen listens to both her animal and human clients and has exceeded my expectations on my pets' healthcare needs. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone with pets. I’m glad I found her to put me on the right path to the natural healthcare for my pets.

Melissa Deal, Victory Land's Dressage, 2019

Holistic less invasive non drug treatments are a great first treatment option. Linnea offers a variety of modalities and products to support animal health without harmful side effects. A perfect fit for those looking for a natural choice.

Greg Muse, 2019

If you have a pet, or equine, this Lady Vet is Super. She always listens, understands and works for the best Interests of the animal, and is very diligent doing it. This girl can help solve problems with your animals that ordinarily other vets just medicate for.  It's truly an amazing process watching this girl work solutions to help heal your animals.. . ..a must try.

Erica Pettersen, 2019

Dr. Theisen creates such a calm, healing environment. She is very knowledgeable and super sweet! Our rabbit loves her.

Karen Stroud, 2019

Great work on my horse, he loved every minute. Will be a regular client for sure!

Nancy Politan, 2019

Dr. Theisen came highly recommended to work with my 16 yr old cat who was experiencing spinal/walking issues. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. Love the fact that she works with several modalities in treating animals. Dr. Theisen is the only vet Molly enjoys visiting!

Lacey Arthur, 2018  

I've never known a vet to truly care so much about her animal patients than Dr. Theisen. Her approach and demeanor are so calming that animals of all types and ailments respond naturally. Her knowledge and skills set are expanse, coupled with her humble suggestions make a welcomed and rare balance. If not for her continued efforts in treatment, my senior dog and stubborn mare would be lame. Both of which are selective about their humans and respond so well to her that my presence wouldn't even be necessary because they just love her and know she's always there to help!

Karen Wooten, 2018

Met today for the first visit for my pony. Dr. Theisen was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and explained what she was doing and why. So happy to have found this vet. service.

Bryan Arthur, 2018

Dr. Theisen is very caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable! She's helped several of our pets in various ways, and we're not sure what we'd do without her.

Pamela Johnson, 2018

Muggles, Colby and I can't say enough good about Dr. Theisen. We are so thankful for her dedication to our health.

Kelli Muse, 2018

My French Bulldog JUNIOR, LOVES Dr. Theisen. She has been seeing him for almost two years. It's made a huge difference! He receives both acupuncture and laser from her, which he absolutely LOVES. He's on some herbs as well. Junior was itchy.....once the humidity shows up! But he doesn't present as a typical allergy dog. May through October, that rough for us. Traditional vets wanted to load him up on Prednisone, he'd itch even worse when the cycle was finished, drag his tummy raw, but he wouldn't lose hair. She switched us up on some different food, and he's much much better. This is a more natural way of treating him and it's treating the problem, not masking a symptom. Then my boy tore his ACL horsing around, he had to have a TPLO, she's been right there, whatever I or Junior have ever needed. She is the best!!!! What vet is going to text a client just to make sure you guys are ok. We love her!!!

Erin Gault, 2018

I absolutely love Dr. T! My 8 y.o. Yorkie benefits from her truly healing treatments and it makes me so happy to see her running around like a puppy after each visit!

Sarah Burke, 2018

Dr. Theisen is totally awesome!!! I would recommend her to anyone near or far!! She is an amazing vet!! My horses have always loved her!

Stacy Ferrari,  2018

Our family dog used to require steroid shots due to his allergies. Since he has been receiving acupuncture and chiropractic treatments from Dr. Theisen he no longer needs the shots. She has done such an amazing job with him! Would highly recommend her.

Christine Ortolani, 2017

Dr. Theisen treated my dachshund bassett for "whiplash" when she gave fast chase after a squirrel and flipped herself up and over at the end or a tie-out. She was smarting with limited neck ROM and obvious discomfort. Dr. Theisen treated Daisy with acupuncture, spinal manipulation and laser and Daisy improved dramatically. Also she suggested Glucosamine and Chondroitin and a combination of herbs which augmented her treatment nicely. Throughout Daisy's treatment Dr. Theisen was very informative and extremely attentive to Daisy and me. She was the consummate professional. I highly recommend her and the services she provides.

Jordan Morton, 2017

Dr. Theisen has been amazing with my dog Ruby.  Over a year ago she had surgery on both her knees and has some continuing stiffness and arthritis.  The laser and acupuncture have been great for Ruby, and she has also educated me on different diets for the dogs which I have since incorporated.  I truly appreciate her and all the work work she does!  Also my shy dog Rylee absolutely adores her and loves coming along to the appointments.

Carla  Johnson, 2017

Outstanding care and professional, extensive knowledge with Dr. Theisen as she treated our 13 year old Labrador with his many physical challenges. He improved steadily in his overall health - especially in his back legs walking with easier mobility and surety as we worked with Dr Theisen's overall program of acupuncture, laser, chiropractic care and holistic dietary recommendations and products. She listens carefully to all concerns as she applies solutions and suggestions - and is so patient and kind with pets and owners. Dr Theisen keeps herself updated with current studies and treatments and takes time to explain everything clearly. Her prices are so reasonable - absolutely recommend her and her services to everyone with pet concerns!

Rebecca Lynn, 2016

Dr. Theisen came out for our first visit today.  4 dogs!  All got examined, adjusted, acupuncture, and remedies.  We just moved from NJ and have 3 Daschunds and a large mix breed who had a broken back in the past.  Chiropractic care is vital for their "extra long" spines to stay healthy.  Our oldest Doxie REALLY doesn't like mid visit, she was laying on her back wagging her tail and paws at Dr. Theisen. So thankful to have found this type of care.  A big plus to find a like minded person on National Friends day!  Looking forward to many years of healthy pets and a friendly face! 

Michael Ortiz, 2016

Our 3 year old Frenchie, Adalyn Fayth, sustained a back injury and was not able to use her back legs.  We heard about Dr. Theisen and really liked the fact that she believed in a holistic approach.  After a couple of treatments, Adalyn started improving and is getting back to her old self. Dr. Theisen has a great bedside manner and is extremely knowledgeable in her field.  She is very thorough and has true passion when working with our four legged baby.  She was excellent with answering all of our questions and addressing any concerns we had.  I highly recommend her. 

Mardi Styron, 2016

Thanks to Integrative Healing Veterinary Clinic, Amber can celebrate St. Patty's Day!  We were not sure she would still be us, but thanks to our wonderful vet, Amber is almost feeling like a puppy again!  I can't thank you enough for giving us back our baby girl!  

Brenna Welman-Korsunsky, 2016

My dog Kuma was suffering from a dog park injury that just wouldn't heal.  He became so sad and lethargic because of the pain in his hind legs.  We came here hoping for anything that could work, and after one treatment Kuma was already improving!  Now after his 3rd treatment, Kuma is like a brand new dog!  It's amazing!  He's the happiest Shiba in the world now thanks to this place and the wonderful lady who runs it.  No more pain, no more hindquarter weakness, and no more limping!  

Cindy Acosta, Terrapin Horse Center, 2015

My senior horses and dogs with chronic health problems from lameness to breathing issues/ allergies have greatly benefited from Dr. Linnea's acupuncture and chiro treatments. As a naturopathic therapist for animals, I am always looking for the most natural, least invasive, and most effective treatments for my animals. I am thrilled to have a DVM in our area offering these services full time. She is dedicated, compassionate, and effective and my animals are always happy to see her. 

Barbara Moore, Moore's Farm, 2015

I met Dr. Theisen 5 years ago and immediately was impressed with her interaction with my horses.  A couple of years ago, my Arab was diagnosed with Cushings.  I went the way of traditional veterinary treatment and started him on Prascend.  He quit eating when we tried to increase the dose, and last fall he developed COPD.  He seemed miserable no matter what I did for him.  Dr. Theisen suggested trying acupunture and herbal therapy. The change in him has been amazing!  He feels good, loves getting acupuncture, and has no more episodes of COPD.   He nuzzles her after every session.  I know he is saying, "thank you, my friend." 

Meagan Szarek, MSU Veterinary Student, 2015

From the mom of the dog that runs when he sees cotton balls, nail clippers, or a dog brush- My big timid, overly sensitive dog let Dr. Theisen stick him all over with needles and was happy, relaxed, and loving life! My dog hates having his paws and limbs handled and is a really bad for nail trims and blood draws, anything where you have to touch his limbs. Dr. Theisen was patient, reassuring and my dog was happy to let her put needles into and around his limbs and paws!!!!!! A really good experience for owner and pet!

Megan Jacobs, 2015

Dr. Theisen has worked on three of my fur babies and has done a wonderful job. I'm new to the natural side of medicine but the more I learn and see the affects on my pets the more amazed I am. Great treatment by an awesome lady.

Laura Niedosik, 2015

I wasn't sure how my grumpy old dog would handle acupuncture but Dr. Theisen made him relax right away and he has significantly benefited from the treatments. He nearly falls asleep even while she is placing the acupuncture needles. We will definitely keep up with the treatments.  The natural treatments she has introduced me to have worked very well for my animals, without all the dangers and side effects of prescriptions. I feel better knowing that I am not doing more harm than good to my dog.

Jennifer Grayek, 2015

My 4 year old Daschund has had a terrible time recovering from a back injury she sustained in July. She could barely walk and was in pain all the time.  After months of seeing several vets, countless drugs and crate restrictions, she wasn't getting any better.  Facing an expensive surgery, I was told about Dr. Theisen and Integrative Healing Veterinary Clinic & Mobile Services.  I made the first appointment for acupuncture in October.  We have now been seeing her several times a month and my dog is no longer on those bad drugs which made her lethargic, sickly, and made her hair fall out. Today she went on a walk, albeit a short walk down the block and back, but she did it!  No stopping and she had a pep in her step.  We now have to work on building those muscles in her back legs that are atrophied because of the lack of exercise.  She is doing so much better thanks to Dr. Theisen!